BTC500DP 7th Generation

50Amps Dual Voltage 110/220V Digital Plasma Cutting Machine, Large Screen Display.

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BTC500DP 3rd Generation

50Amps Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Inverter IGBT, 16mm Max Cut with Post Flow and 2T/4T Function, Dual Voltage 110/220V.

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BTC500DP 2nd Generation

50Amps Pilot Arc Dual Voltage 110/220V, IGBT Inverter Technology, 2-15s Post Time Adjustment.

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Now I haven't had this plasma long but so far I am in love with it, the price can make it seem a little iffy but I’m telling you it’s NOT a scam what so ever. I managed too cut a crate completely apart in under 15 minutes using it, assembly was very minimal and easy, if you are well versed in the trade of welding setting up your settings Is very easy for cutting but if not that’s okay they give you a manual to which explains it all! Honestly you are going to be missing out on a amazing deal if you do not get this plasma.

Dennis Turpin

I've been using this machine randomly for almost a month and have no complaints so far.
I will say it does seem to work even better when connected to my 220v outlet (utilizeing same amp settings) as I did a comparison test on a thin piece of steel, 110v cut great but it just felt like on 220v, the cut was less effort on the machine.

Year and a half review from a happy customer.

I bought this plasma cutter on Aug 1, 2021, when it literally had 5 reviews. It happened to pop up on my, "Buy it again" feed, so I thought I'd drop by and leave a review. Gotta say, I'm as delighted now as I was a year and a half ago. Smooth, reliable, I couldn't ask for anything better. I feel like I got lucky, because I took a chance on a new product. Remember, clean air is imperative. I'm running 4 stage: coalescent/ refrigerant/ micron/ desiccant, and no problems so far.