My Quick review of my new Bestarc plasma cutter that cost under $250 and also how you assemble a new plasma cutter although this bestarc plasma cutter is already pre assembled., I will be showing you the steps for a cheap Amazon plasma cutter setup and you’ll see that it’s quite different compared to the other plasma cutters I have bought and assembled before.  

This Bestarc plasma cutter has a lot to offer because every adjustment you need can be done right on its front panel. For example, you can set up the following right there on the front: Air pressure (Psi), Post time, amps, and voltage selection.

Some cheap Amazon plasma cutters with regards to Psi are done at the back of the machine because this is where you have to install the compressed air regulator, this Bestarc plasma cutter has the air setup knob on its front panel.

Yet, its air regulator is already preinstalled at the back and is encased to protect it from unnecessary bumps. You will also notice that this regulator is slim to match the slim body of the machine. Therefore, this plasma cutter under $250 is more compact than the rest of the other units I have.

The other unit I have shown in this video is the FLAMEWELD CUT50DP, a 50-amp pilot arc plasma cutter that is also a powerful and very efficient machine.

Now, going back to the Bestarc BTC500DP review, this is also a 50-amp pilot arc plasma cutter but with a more modern twist. As I’ve said, it is loaded with the necessary features like the Psi, amp, voltage, and Post-time selection right at its front panel while its size has become slimmer and making it more portable but still solid.

It also comes with the necessary accessories like the AG60P plasma cutter torch (with 4 meter-long cable), some consumables, an airline, an earth clamp, a voltage adaptor for 110/220 volts, and a User’s manual in English with troubleshooting tips.

Since this unit’s air regulator is already preinstalled at the back, all I can do now is just connect the cables to their slots and then I can cut right away. And that’s how to simply assemble a new plasma cutter pretty fast.